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celicarcr2026 said:
y is it that it seems like everyone thinks its impossible or extremely hard to do because its a gts?
Y is it made to seem like it?
A lot of us know about many turbo projects for the GT-S and how difficult they've been, even at boost levels much lower than those you are talking about (we're talking 7 psi and less). I only know of two companies who've attempted boost levels even close to what you are asking about on a GT-S, and they only attempted this after MAJOR internal modifications to the engine. Call them to get some first-hand answers. The trick, however, is to talk to a real tech person over there instead of some phone salesman that knows very little about anything:

TRD USA did research on fully-built GT-S engines running lots of boost for Christian Rado's racecar, before those original plans were scrapped. Call and ask them your questions: (800)688-5912 .

EIP Tuning made a prototype GT-S turbo kit boosting around 12 psi with a built-up engine. Keep in mind, this kit cost 10 grand, WITHOUT installation or tuning.: ORDER LINE: 410.871.0406
TECH LINE: 410.876.1336.
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