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LOL, i live in torrance... there's ALL kinds of cars at crossroads. I saw a NSX, RX-7, supras, skyline, all hooked up... pretty nice.

I live like 10-15 minutes from there (local drive) torrance is seriously BORING... dunno why you guys come down here... heh

There's a longggg drag strip next to the crossroad called Skypark drive... people used to race there, its about 1 mile with no stop light, no stop signs, nada and a nice rounded curve... but thats like a speed trap... cops just hang around those areas and wait for speeders... friend of mine got caught goin 127 (idiot) and got his car impounded... i advise you guys to be cautious there... :thumbup:

As for those cops, their cool as long as YOU are... my friend peeled out in the parkin lot once, he got harrased for about 2 hours by 2 cops at first, then about 30 minute later, there were 5 squad cars around him, surroundin him and givin him ALL kinds of **** like, we're impoundin your car blah blah blah... so don't try anything stupid there guys :thumbup:

That inNout is hopping with all them ricers, racers and show cars on saturday night... pretty crazy, sometimes when there's meets there or something, there can be about 200-400 people there.. JUST AT inNout... too packed.. me and my friends go there to eat sometimes and there's just too many dam people there so we leave haha.

Be careful around that area, there's cops hidin all over the place waitin to hand out speedin tickets... some cops in torrance are complete assholes... but some are cool.

Maybe i oughta head down there... friday night huh? What time guys?
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