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Hey guys, I bought a parts car to do my 03+ interior swap. So my complete 00-02 interior is up for sale, complete dash with airbag, every panel, etc. I'm parting the remains of the 03 gt as well, i have the engine and transmission which are in great shape, can be heard running as well.

Everything from the quarterpanels to dash/body harness will be pulled before i scrap the remains. so don't hesitate to ask for any parts, if its salvagable I'll pull it off!

I will post pics of the other stuff I have left with my username as soon as possible. What ever doesn't sell locally I will move to the FS section and start shipping. Below is a list of whats already sold. PM for pricing. the 00-02 interior just throw me offers i want the peices out of my basement. Thanks


OEM GT wheels
03+ sunroof
hatch handle
Privacy cover
steering wheel
sunroof switch
upper centre console
hatch shocks

1 - 3 of 3 Posts