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Aight guys, I'm selling my 2000 GTS Front Leather seats with Side Air Bags. They are the entire seat and in excellent condition. As near to perfect as you can get. Treated with leather cleaner and conditioner every 2 weeks. As with all my other parts that are for sale, they have hardly been used since my parents make me leave my car at home during college. Therefore, I can't take pics of them. However, I'd like to sell them during my Spring Break when I'm going home from Mar 14-23. Preferably, NorCal pick up would be preferred since that's where I live. I'm looking for about $375-$400 since they have the Side Air Bags and are nearly new. The ones without Side Air Bags go for about $350-$375 on eBay and, like I said, these are nearly new. Please PM me about these....I want to sell these ASAP!!!


Here's a link to ones that just sold on eBay for $365 like I said above.
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