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i know this is kinda wierd to post a car for sale on here but my friend is selling his 2001 celica GT(5 spd) for $10,000 OBO with 78k miles and a clean title. He is selling the car because he just bought a 2000 acura integra gs-r and he was suppose to sale the car to his sister but his sister went a different route so now hes stuck with two cars and has to get rid of one. The main reason why im helping him post here is because some of you nor-cal people might have friends that are interested in a celica so i believe this is a good place to start. Please do not flame on me for this post, if moderators believe this post is not necessary then just remove it.

car mods:

6000k HID kit
Lowered on Tein s-tech(2,000 miles)

he has all the stock parts and will be willing to put it all back and include the parts if he gets a serious buyer.

thanks for reading,

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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