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Gentlemen and Ladies,

I've had my car over 2.5 years now and its time to get something a bit bigger. She's been the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned and has been maintained well, but its time for something with a hatch/5th door.

This was a Toyota certified pre-owned vehicle and I believe the 100k mile warranty (powertrain) extends to the next buyer

Asking $9000

She is:

2005 Corolla XRS
85k miles (84,6xx at time of this posting)
Clean Title
Rear Airbags
Brand new Kuhmo ACT tires (<50 miles on them)
Redline Transmission Fluid
Castrol Synthetic only every 3k miles
All factory recommended maintenance performed

I'm a 28 year old professional with a 32 mile (each way) commute, and thats most of the miles on her.

Pioneer Head Unit w/Ipod controller box installed (ipod connector in driver's knee cubby) - entirely controlled via head unit
Black Scion TC center armrest (most storage and higher support!)
Injen Intake (black)
Greddy Sp2 axle back
Progress Rear Sway
Optima Red Top Battery (5/10/08)
Circuit Sports Carbon Fiber Shift Knob

She has one dent (shown in pictures) on the hood from my dad dropping a tool of a shelf in the garage. She also has a few scrapes on the front bumper and hood (from rocks off trucks on the highway), but nothing atypical of a 85k mile car
I've shown the scratches/dent in pics below. email me at rob dot freudenberg at or PM w/any questions

p.s. on my commute i'm getting between 33-35 mpg weekly on 93 octane

thanks for looking
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