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Fs: 4 Brand New Bridgestone Potenza's 215/45/17re040!!!

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Up for grabs a set of 4 brand new never been mounted never been anything got them and then changed my mind on size tires and can't return them. They are Bridgestone Potenza RE040 215/45/17. They sell on tire rack for 152.00ea and then who knows how much to ship, for me to Maryland it was 52.00 a tire, and would take a week to get, so I went to a local tire store and got them same day for 182.00 a tire, and a I have the receipt to show for it, all 748 dollars. But since they were special tires they won't take them back.
So I am asking for either 675.00 for all 4, PICK UP ONLY!!! might consider meeting somewhere depending on how far from me, OR a trade for stock black side skirts and 550.00 cash. I am open to reasonable offers
Please pm asap, my parents are complaing that I have a set of tires sitting in "their" garage and in "their" way.
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that the price new if you drop some1 might buy it. It fits the scion tc also, list it on their forum due.
I could use them for my Scion but that only has 10k miles so the tires are still good. After they are finished I'm not buying Bridgestone again, too much damn money. Kumho's that size are like $65 and not that bad.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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