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After a few years on an engine stand it's time to sell off my old 01 1zz engine. I had originally thought of keeping it as a spare but it will unlikely ever get used and it sure would be nice to get that corner of my garage back.

This engine ran strong from the time I had it in my deuce, never noticed any oil burning from the time I had it before I went forward with my 2zz swap. I did roughly 4 oil changes...might even be 3 can't remember for sure. Changed oil every 5k miles using 5w30 standard oil, no synthetic was used. Engine has 87k, I contactacted DDPR for a picture of the exact odo reading as that is the last miles put on the engine minus a few miles after for the 2zz was installed and driven in and out of engine bays. No oil leaks.

At this time this will be a local sale only, cash pick up. If it sits around then I can start thinking about shipping via greyhound as that is the cheapest way to ship large items. Shipping would be added to the final price.

Did some research on local engine adds and they very anywhere from $800-$1,200 from "JDM" importers with "50k" or less advertisements.

I will price this engine at $800 cash picked up as is WITH verified low miles.

This will not come with:
Fuel Rail
Misc Missing Nuts and Bolts

So the engine has just under 87k original miles on it. (removing some miles put on after the 2zz install)
I had the miles confused with the Celica my 2zz came out of.

If you have any questions feel free to pm or post here.

Thank you

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