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Hi all, I want to sell Advan RG II with spec:

- 18x8.5
- 5x100
- gold colour
- +48 offset
- ZERO CURB RASH that means, all the rims are in PERFECT CONDITION!
- location : San Diego


i can sell with or without tires. the tires are MICHELIN PS2 255/35/18 with 70%++ thread wear (5000miles). i bought the tires from new. all the rims still has the original box.

PRICE: OFFER ME. trust me its cheap, i need to get money ASAP. again, offer me, dont ask how much. no low balling please. or trade this with 18":
1. volk te37 gunmetal 5x100
2. volk ce28n white with red lip 5x114.3
3. volk te37 seibon 5x114.3

pm or email me at [email protected]
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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