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FS:Authentic VeilSide Carbon fiber wing

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**To the moderators, I know this is a repost. Thanks

For sale: an Authentic VeilSide carbon fiber wing....asking 400$ shipped.

******700$ brand new shipped from Jap.
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DAMN! I wanted one of these but settled with the Kaminari wing last Thursday! I would have been all over this!
It had been posted previously, sell the kam wing and get mine. :D
pmed with lowball if u dont get any other buyers

These are the only pictures I have of the wing right now.. it is off the car and ready to ship once paid, I will accept pay pal or possibly money order depending on location of the buyer. The wing is in mint condition, it has been on the car now for 2 years, the clear coat is was cleared only a few months ago...

I will consider any offers, however 300$ off of an original price is a heck of a deal... I need to get this thing off my hands...
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all i can do is 300 shipped so if u dont get any other sellers let me know :) also does it go in the stock holes?
the wing goes right in the stock holes.
the bases need to be painted?
The bases are painted the stock red color, you can either get them painted the color of your car or... you can leave the bases carbon fiber.
how would u leave them c/f? woudlnt it mess it up if u were to paint thinner'ize the bases?
from my knowledge no, it would just be like painting them....
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bum bum bum bum BUMPPPPPPPPPP!
How would you be able to keep the bases carbon fiber? You've already painted over them.
usually you sand stuff down and clear them... if im not mistaken. :) I could be wrong but that choice is optional.
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