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FS:Authentic VeilSide Carbon fiber wing

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**To the moderators, I know this is a repost. Thanks

For sale: an Authentic VeilSide carbon fiber wing....asking 400$ shipped.

******700$ brand new shipped from Jap.
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thanks babe...
yes... thats me...hi
Originally posted by Leabadbaby69
yes... thats me...hi
do not go to ot and post that , thats my only advice Lea. Also I am going to try to talk to the woman about this some more since I didnt have much of a chance to last night. Also trying to work out some other deals to make sure I get the cash up for you.
i didnt post that, someone else did... :( Anyways, yeah I hope you can take it off my hands, or at least someone can....

just let me know!
yeah id pay 300 for that wing shipped because my celi is red too... let me know
400$ shipped..... the lowest ill go is 375$

300$ off an original price, for something thats in mint condition is a heck of a steal...
i saw it on ebay for 100 i was liek hell yea ;) assuming u put reserve at 300 +75 shipping so that doenst work. goodluck and i'm here if if u settle :)
and for anyone willing to pick up, its yours for 300$
bump for a great product + a KILLER price, I'd so take it if i wasn't broke right now b/c i have been watching this thing sit here forever :(
thanks man....

Yea whoever gets this will be getting it for a steal....I just dont understand!
well if i do get it, im only an hour and a half from you when im at school, so ill drive there. Ill keep you posted
Just like I tell everyone, just let me know.... im willing to meet you half way....
ttt :wiggle:
thanks man its almost that time for lowballers---------- I really need to get this out of my room---
lol if it gets there u know where to find me :chuckles:
21 - 40 of 67 Posts
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