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FS:Authentic VeilSide Carbon fiber wing

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**To the moderators, I know this is a repost. Thanks

For sale: an Authentic VeilSide carbon fiber wing....asking 400$ shipped.

******700$ brand new shipped from Jap.
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thanks man....

Yea whoever gets this will be getting it for a steal....I just dont understand!
Just like I tell everyone, just let me know.... im willing to meet you half way....
thanks man its almost that time for lowballers---------- I really need to get this out of my room---
its about there, no one can see a good thing under their nose...
check your pm's....

someone get this off my hands!!!!!!!!!
still up for grabs!!

I still want to do 400$ shipped if possible.
sometimes it could be a good thing...

yet again- bump
here low ballers, low ballers, low ballers!!
I will tell everyone this now- if you are going to offer me 250$ shipped, you are crazy as fawk--- Alot of things dont come free in life-

Im not parting out--- just changing the look of my car.... (each season...) how much are you willing to give me for the kit.. lol---i hardly go out to barrett.... i hate that place...

The wing is up for grabs now...
alright just AIM me or email me... [email protected]
AIM- Leabadbaby69
SOLD to Genomaxter!


21 - 39 of 67 Posts
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