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FS:Authentic VeilSide Carbon fiber wing

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**To the moderators, I know this is a repost. Thanks

For sale: an Authentic VeilSide carbon fiber wing....asking 400$ shipped.

******700$ brand new shipped from Jap.
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I could buy it from you. I just got a $405 check from my school for droppin out of a trip. Ill think on it for a bit. I do plan to go Veilside body kit and this is a VERY nice wing.
I think I might do this now that I think of it, but I cant cash my check til Monday since its spring break now and most places have closed for a lilttle while. I got ur AIM so Ill PM you when I see you on. If i do get it, it would probly go in my closet for a while cause i dont know how good this wing goes with a stock 2000 body (west wing front and rear).
alright just AIM me or email me... [email protected]
AIM- Leabadbaby69
finally :) congrats lea on the sale
Email sent. Im also on AIM most of the time.
SOLD to Genomaxter!


lol congrats
61 - 67 of 67 Posts
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