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Hi I have 2 TRD Sideskirts (a pair) painted black. It was painted about 10 months ago and paint is in good shape. The only thing is they have minor shoe marks... by that, anyone who has these sideskirts know. The heel of your shoe can slip on the sideskirt and make these rubber peeled marks... anyways, the marks are minor and probably most of them can be rubbed off with a clay bar or something... not 100% sure about that.

Also, on the passenger side, the bottom of the sideskirt is scraped pretty bad. Regardless, you cannot see it at all unless you are underneath your car. The rear side of the sideskirt (where it shows underneath the wheel well), I just covered up with black touch up paint because some of the paint chipped but you can't really notice.

The rear skirt is also painted black. Only problem is that the drivers side, underneath and a little on the side, I knicked a parking block which was in my blind side, and I touched most of it up with touch up paint. It's hardly noticeable.

The only thing a body shop would have to work on before putting on would be the rubbery parts that are glued onto the body because the glue, once taken off my car will be worn out. I think it's glue.. someone help me out on that.

Anyways, here are the prices I am asking for:
SS: $215 OBO + shipping (remember, already painted)
Rear skirt: $180 OBO + shipping (already painted)

Leave me your email if you want pictures! Be warned, they are a bit big.


Some new findings:
There is a small dent that is on the passenger sideskirt... it's nothing big really. You could hardly notice it at most angles. I did happen to check the sides of the side skirts and where the wheels kick up dirt and rocks and what not, the paint on the sides are a bit chipped... by sides I mean this area...


\ \ _________/ |
\_\_\________| <--- Where the front wheels kick up rocks and dirt and what not as you see...
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