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Ok.. I'm parting out some parts cause I need some money..
I have to invest some more money on new LED products..
And some more Celica parts...

Shipped price are for US contienent

Blitz style front bumper (Urethance) painted red with grill
-- Excellent condition, rarely been used like 3 days
-- Handed over from Issac at, used for few days for photo shoots (Garage kept for few months)
** for California resident, don't what to ship it
$250 delivered to your city of either LA, Baksersfield, Bay area
Cause I'm making a trip to LA/Bay area this spring break
We can meet up some where in the city where I can get to easy
Pics here..

APR front strut bar brace red (used 2 months)

AMSS downpipe (used 3 months)
I didn't installed it properly so it has come dent in the rear section, and my car is really low...
If you have quiet exaust like TRD/greddy this will increase your sound
I've dynoed it with downpipe and did not have any loss of HP
It comes with high-flow cat and mounts for yor O2 sensor
$200 shipped

AMSS exaust (used 1 month)
Straight through design, Magnaflow components
3" tip direct bolt on axel back
$300 shipped

With both AMSS DP and exaust, it's get loud from 4K and screams at lift... show some balls :D

If you buy both AMSS DP/Exhause I'll do $475 shipped

Stock GTS radio
With any color LED combination you want
$150 shipped

Stock AC control panel piece
Kind of dirty, will clean it...
There is minor peeling at very inner side of the vent dial, not really noticeable
Good for painting use
$45 shipped

3 pair of white LED front blinker 1156 ($30 shipped)
2 pair of blue LED front blinker 1156 ($35 shipped)
2 pair of red LED front blinker 1156 ($18 shipped)
3 pair of amber LED front blinker 1156 ($18 shipped)

2 pair of rear brake LED ($18 shipped)
2 pair of rear blinker LED ($18 shipped)

194 LED parking light in blue, red, white
Clear cone lense and Diffuse lense types
$10 a pair free shipping of 2 pair or more


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i call dibs on the APR bar...

do you have a pic of it...

let me know..

thank you

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hey man... i'll buy the APR bar for sure..

what kind of payment you want...

let me know...

my e-mail is

[email protected]


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Call Dibs on the Blitz front!!! I live in California City, CA 93505 and work in Barstow, CA 92311. In great condition right? Let me know the next steps you want to take. Thanks, Mason Soberg

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So many people wants strut bar....
Mostly from Canada... :D
I have 3-4(?) people dibs on it...
I'll probably let you guys know tomorrow...
For international people.. please let me know where you from
Cause I need to estimate the shipping....

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jiu said:
hahha.. sorry.

but ya, i'll take the bar and some lights off you.
please let me know.
u can email me at [email protected]
i'm interested in the red blinkers. but what does 1156 mean?
1156 means size # of the bulb...
Our front blinker uses 1156 bulb size....
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