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FS: Brand new JDM Door Sill

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Got it a few weeks ago, but never put it on since my car is in storage for the winter. Decide to sell it now because i'm planning on getting the whole interior wrap in leather in the spring. Paid $140total shipped to my house... looking to get $100 plus shipping.

i'll post pictures tonight....
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by the way, the door sill is for 00-02 grey interior.
Well i want to get full price for it, but then K Racing is selling for $120shipped... So only way i can unload them is drop my price... My lost is your gain. Like i said, there are brand new, i only took one of them out to inspect it. I'll have pictures up by tonight.
sorry, i'll have pictures up really soon..

yes it will fit 03, but color will be off. 2000 to 2002 have light grey interior and 2003+ have black.

i'll ship it to anywhere in the world with tracking number. Shipping to States is about $30cdn, more or less $25US using 4 to 6 days express shipping.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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