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For those of you who've been following along ...

I purchased this scoop from Sina (aka phoenxigntion) last Tuesday, June 20th.

Yesterday, Vergel (VoodooTRD) put his VIS CF Invader hood up for sale, and I purchased it from him in a heartbeat.

Now that I have my new hood and scoop, I no longer need this (sorry, everything's dirty):

It's authentic C-One, but painted 8M6 (spectra blue mica) over the carbon fiber. It's very large ... bigger than the VIS scoop that I have now. Perfect fitment, sits perfectly flush with my stock hood. Sina had it painted about two months ago and it looks great ... color match is perfect and there are no scratches or anything.

Make me an offer! Just keep in mind that I paid $120 for it.

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