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I need some space in the garage so putting a few things up for sale. Some are new some are used. Some are made for ur car some are not and some are universal depending on ur project. I ship by UPS or USPS depending on size and weight. I will post a 'picked up' price and a 'shipped' price. Shipping price is meant for continental US but might be willing to sell out of country. I am a verified paypal premier member with 100+ completed transactions with other verified members. I also accept money order and cashier checks. The best way to reach me is through email. Next would be my AIM but i'm not always on.

Located in beautiful southern California. South Orange County. However I do commute to LA almost every weekend. Meeting around LA shoulnd't be a problem long as I don't have to stray too far from where I'm going.

email [email protected]
AIM tony42378

1) ATL Racing Fuel Cell I haven't measured the capacity but my guess would be 3 gallons. Never used...almost brand new. $50 picked up or $70 shipped.

2) Blitz DD Blow-Off-Valve (BOV) with universal flange adapter. Brand new never used but missing gasket which you can make yourself or order a Blitz one. $120 picked up or $135 shipped.

3) Omori Tachometer. Brand new never used. Missing instructions and box but you can find wiring diagram at Omori site. Comes with wiring harness. can be setup for 1-8 cylinder. Uses stepping motor for accuracy and minimal vibration interference. 110mm with aluminum housing and white face.
I believe numbers illuminates green and needle red. This has peak hold and shift light. External shift light is optional. $150 picked up or $170 shipped.

4) Vortech BOV (blue and polished color) Brand New never used. This uses the same flange as a Greddy Type S BOV (not included). BOV only. $100 picked up or $110 shipped.

5) Battery relocation kit. Semi complete. need to get some connectors and whatever else you need. maybe a strap to tie the battery down. I dunno...This is new and never used. $25 picked up or I can ship but I doubt it will be worth your money because it isn't worth shipping.

6) RC Engineering cleand and blueprinted Mitsubishi 450cc injectors. $80 shipped or $75 picked up.

7) Airmass Header made for 94-00 Acura Integra LS. Brand new 4-2-1 header with CARB EO# for CA Smog. Comes with new airmass gasket and washers also. $120 picked up or $150 shipped.

8) Dynamic 4-1 JDM ITR style header used. Dent on bottom as usual. $100 picked up or $130 shipped.

9) 5-Zigen pedals for automatic trans. cars. (I'm sure these will be first to go so hurry and buy!!) $10 picked up or $15 shipped each or $25 shipped for both.

10) Racing Hart Tracers dishes. missing caps. $25 picked up or $30 shipped.

11) Manifold for B18A or whatever similar motor. Made for carbuerator or Individual Throttle Bodies (ITB). Custom wet direct port NOS system installed. $100 picked up or $120 shipped.

12) Honda/Acura Socketed P28 ECU. Ready for mugen or skunk or spoon or whatever chip you wanna run. $120 picked up or $135 shipped.

13) Honda/Acura PWO ECU. Used on my Integra to run a B16a but don't need anymore since i went OBD-1

14) Moroso aluminum valve cover for B-series VTEC motors. Brand new. Comes with gasket, wire cover, sprocket cover, bolts, billet oil cap etc. Color is anodized red. covers are anodized black. $220 picked up or $240 shipped.

15) Apex'i SR20DET N-1 Downpipe. Brand new in the box. Part number 147-N005. $150 picked up or $170 shipped.

16) Apex'i SW20 Toyota 3S-GTE motor head gasket. Brand new in the package. 1.1mm thick Part number 814-T201. $120 picked up or $135 shipped

17) Blitz Spark Plug Wires for Toyota SW20 MR2 3S-GTE. Brand new in the box. $120 picked up or $135 shipped.

18) RPS T4 Tubular Manifold and Downpipe for Toyota SW20 MR2 3S-GTE. Brand new never used. $425 picked up or $450 shipped

19) Turbonetics rebuilt t3/t4 hybrid turbo. 46 trim. Stage 2 turbine wheel. 50A/R Will throw in an extra compressor housing.

20) Greddy G2 Exhaust for 99+ Volkswagen Jetta 1.8t/2.0/VR6. Brand new never used. $400 picked up or $440-450 shipped (depending on how far you live from me)
[Sorry but I don't have pics of this]

21) AEM cold air intake for Volkswagen Jetta/Golf 2001+ 1.8L Turbo. Almost perfectly new. $120 picked up or $140 shipped.

22) Ford truck stock front corner blinker lenses and/or APC aluminum trim gauge cluster bezel. $20 picked up or $32 shipped.

23) DC header for 92-93 Acura Integra DA GS/GSR. Brand new in the box. $240 picked up or $260 shipped

24) AEM Cold Air Intake for Toyota Celica 2000-2003 GTS. Almost like brand spanking new. Comes with all hardware, sticker and license plate frame. CARB legal. Red in color. $200 picked up or $220 shipped.

25) TRD pressure plate for some 4AGE motor. Brand new in the box. Part number 31210-AE100 Here is the link to find more about what models it fits $150 picked up or $170 shipped.

26) TRD Clutch kit for Toyota AW11 MR2 or 99+ Toyota MR-S. Comes with brand new clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing and alighnment tool. $300 picked up or $330 shipped. (This is on hold to make sure what car it fits)

27) Direct Power System. Brand new. $40 picked up or $50 shipped.

28) Torasport Carbon Fiber trim for Celica GTS 00-03. Red and black color. brand new $80 picked up or $100 shipped.

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dibs on Battery Relocator

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Originally posted by ty423
no ones interested in a Cold Air Intake from AEM or Carbon Fiber interior trim?
the cost of the CAI is the cost of a brand new one if one buys it at almost retail. one can find it lower than ur askin price for a brand new one.

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i call dibs on carbon fiber trim...i will pm

12+ years daily driver
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is the cf trim real? or is it the checkerboard pattern
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