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I bought this a long time ago and was going to install it but i recently got new sway bars so i really don't need this any more. The main reason why i bought it was for the Front and rear sway bar bushings but the hotchkis already come with bushings.

whats included: Complete Master Bushing Set Includes: front control arm bushings, front and rear greasable sway bar bushings and rack & pinion bushings

its never been installed and the only time i opened it was to take out the instruction manual to make sure all the parts where there. The color of the bushings are RED.

i've been looking around online and it seems like the going price is anywhere from 50~70 bux for the set. i will let it go for $50. Please post or pm me if interested.

Local pick up only please. if your not too far from los angeles iam willing to meet u half way

this isn't mine but it looks like this
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