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I am trying to get rid of my Greddy profec e-01 boost controller. I bought it when i was going to turbo my Celica, but that never happened because i totaled it. Right now i dont feel like i am going to turbo my VR6, so this is just kinda useless to me.

This has NEVER been used, but HAS been opened. I will get pics later tonight after i get off of work, but i just want to try and sell it now for a good price, without losing too much. The only thing i have done to the profec is took out the screen and put the mounting bracket on it. All parts + Instructions from Greddy are included.

Asking for 375 + Shipping OBO

Here is more info on the profec e-01 that was all gathered from their site:

GReddy's new super multi-tasker is the PRofec e-01. Designed as a combination: boost-controller, data display / logger and e-manage programmer, the e-01 can provide superior boost response, increased boost, warning meter functions, 3channel data-logging, and access to all the programming features provided with the latest e-manage support tool. Even when used as just a boost controller the e-01 has features to smooth out the boost curve. With both an Auto and Manual setting for both external and actuator style wastegates, the new PRofec can alter its new compact, high capacity solenoid valve via various RPM ranges if need be. The large LCD screen, with green elecro-illuminesant backlighting is easy to see. Other standard features includes two preset boost levels, a timed over-take boost and compatibility with our Remote Switching System. The data display can view 3 different data channels simultaneously; like Boost, RPM, or any other channel inputted by the emanage. The data can be logged up for 3hours on a SD card while also giving warning set points, and peak & hold values. (Some features require optional harness to be access).

Attention eManage users! The e-01 has the ability to program every available option in the eManage. It can be used to completely replace the eManage support software package, and also includes a pressure sensor that can act as the eManage's pressure sensor. Between these two features you've already saved $233! This unit is an excellent addition to the eManage for those who need a boost controller anyway or don't want to use a laptop for programming.

Retail: $680
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