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I have the GT-S Sport brake pedal (for Auto transmission) for sale. It's used, letting go for 12 bucks shipped. If you have a GT, you basically remove the rubber pedal off your current one and slide this one on with some effort.

I also have a blue AEM Gen 1 intake for the Celica GT. It has many scratches from daily wear/use. I have the box and have some of the hardware (3 clamps, the big rubber coupler, I think I'm just missing the rubber absorber piece. I'll even throw in the original AEM filter it came with if I can find it, not sure if my father had thrown it away already or something.

I'm asking 60 obo bucks for it

It maybe a gen 1 but some folks can modify the bb mod to it, so it's a good project piece.

Here's some pics of the brake pedal and the intake.

AEM Intake

For additional photos, just PM me

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