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FS: High Performance Engine Mount (new pic/new thread/new ordering info)

This is a MUST HAVE for you Celica enthusiasts! Get a mod that you can REALLY feel the difference in!


These FRONT engine mounts will greatly reduce the movement of the engine, resulting in more direct torque to the wheels, smoother shifting, landing the "1-2 lift-shift" easier, significantly reduced wheel hop and overall better performance and feel.This is a VERY easy install.
I will not be held responsible for any damage to your car or the mount due to use, abuse, or faulty installation. Buyer assumes all responsibility for his/her vehicle's safety and condition.
Celicas with automatic transmissions will NOT be able to use this mount without excessive vibration being transferred to the passenger area. Those with automatics would gain SOME of the above mentioned benefits (but to a lesser degree) by just replacing your stock front mount with a stock celica mount for a manual transmission from your Toyota dealer.

These mounts will be made-to-order. These mounts will be available only in BLACK. Everyone should receive their mounts within 3 weeks of their order, although it usually takes less time than that.

The price for each mount is $150 shipped. I will accept Money Orders, Cashier's Check and PAYPAL(preferred).

Orders may be placed by PMing me (include your name, screenname, address, phone number, and method of payment). Your name will be placed on the list in the order of receiving payment!


1. 00carbonbluegts (PAID) shipped
2. spaldam (PAID) shipped
3. HOMEP666 (PAID) shipped
4. MicaCeli (PAID) delivered
5. jszydlo (PAID) shipped
6. Hungster (PAID) shipped
7. Chris25NJ (PAID) shipped
8. action (PAID) shipped
9. mjsimon (PAID) shipped
10. GT-Schick (PAID) delivered
11. noitseuQ (PAID) delivered
12. Toyo-GT (PAID) shipped
13. Zero0ne GTS (PAID) shipped
14. Dimitri (PAID) shipped
15. ohwhatafeeling (PAID) shipped
16. Avenge2c (PAID) shipped
17. Zippy Pimp (PAID) shipped
18. nate22 (PAID) shipped
19. Ion (PAID) shipped
20. GS519 (PAID) shipped
21. dee5330 (PAID) shipped
22. Rev Happy (PAID) shipped
23. Jdm_cel (PAID) shipped
24. mac340 (PAID) shipped
25. leonidas (PAID) shipped
26. JT$ (PAID) shipped
27. kaioshin (PAID) delivered
28. ringthree(PAID) delivered
29. Skeetmo (PAID) shipped
30. T3CKMAN (PAID) delivered
31. iMouseGTS (PAID) shipped
32. HbPiAyA (PAID) shipped
33. thadru2001 (PAID) shipped
34. robertsp (PAID) shipped
35. 7THSIGN(PAID) delivered
36. kireisceli (PAID) shipped
37. GT-S_Alberta_Racer (PAID) shipped
38. kenjo (PAID) shipped
39. bagodoosh (PAID) shipped
40. TiMMbO (PAID) shipped
41. techl10 (PAID) shipped
42. purplenv (PAID)--[Matrix] shipped
43. borpph (PAID) shipped
44. Throttle (PAID) shipped
45. trdeed (PAID) shipped
46. VvTLi527 (red)(PAID) shipped
47. Latt Inn (PAID) delivered
48. soceur (PAID) shipped
49. superman1240 shipped
50. RiCeY GtS (PAID) shipped
51. RichGT (PAID) shipped
52. Beast (PAID) delivered
53. RiCelicaBoi (PAID) shipped
54. Sponge (PAID) shipped
55. GTS00 (PAID) shipped
56. johns gt (PAID) shipped
57. spdFreq (PAID) shipped
58. aznleo28 (PAID) shipped
59. ryanB (PAID) shipped
60. basic (PAID) shipped
61. BlackCelicaGTS3 (PAID) shipped
62. eva-01 (PAID) shipped
63. impoy (PAID) shipped
64. yoshi8me (PAID) shipped
65. Caelum (PAID) shipped
66. Blu02gts (PAID) shipped
67. itchyvi3t (PAID) shipped
68. VIVID GTS (PAID) shipped
69. BlackSheep5 (PAID) shipped
70. mrtomcat (PAID) shipped
71. CelicaBoy230 (PAID) shipped
73. Jesse IL (PAID) shipped
74. JRVcel (PAID) shipped
75. Nasty N8 (PAID) shipped
76. Shadow GT-S (PAID) delivered
77. tofu (PAID) shipped
78. GT-Swhite (PAID) shipped
79. XmbalmR (PAID) shipped
80. shyvpboi (PAID) shipped
81. modenaplz (PAID) shipped
82. mukalicious (PAID) shipped
83. smaay (PAID) shipped
84. LordFusion (PAID) shipped
85. JJLJ (PAID) shipped
86. DIABLO6SPEED (PAID) shipped
87. Kendo (PAID) shipped
88. marc (PAID) shipped
89. 00/03drivetrain (PAID) shipped
90. so cal gts 03 (PAID) shipped
91. vletnguyen (PAID) shipped
92. ToyoGtS (PAID) shipped
93. CelicaGtS02 (PAID) shipped
94. nautica602 (PAID) shipped
95. FX2000GTS (PAID) shipped
96. BlackSheep5 (Rear Mount)(PAID) shipped
97. tjnacinopa (PAID) shipped
98. GTS6SpD (PAID) shipped
99. thepaintballguy (PAID)--(Matrix) shipped
100. tommy2000 (PAID) shipped
101. blitz-gts 6 (PAID) shipped
102. lowlife (PAID) shipped
103. fireman (PAID) delivered
104. bubbablueyz (PAID)--(Vibe GT) shipped
105. Brian00GTS (PAID) shipped
106. Bimbleuk (PAID) shipped
107. lpcokie (PAID) shipped
108. speedeeGTS (PAID) shipped
109. white flash (PAID) shipped
110. Terrance_54 (PAID) shipped
111. Radi0activeman (PAID) shipped
112. reysir707 (PAID) shipped
113. xtccrush (PAID) shipped
114. Curtis (PAID) shipped
115. tomsilvercelica (PAID) shipped
116. Dragncrosmember (PAID) shipped
117. GTSbyTRD (PAID) shipped
118. SeeULater (PAID) shipped
119. SouthEastCelica (PAID)

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Bill, I got my mount today and installed it today. :D Thanks for this mod! What a difference. I posted a brief review in the Performance mod forum.

And >BUMP< for a great worthwhile product.

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Wow! Get this. I sent Dimitri's(in Thessaloniki, Greece) mount from my local town post office Saturday and he got it today. I'm impressed with USPS Air Parcel!

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hmmmmmmis anyone willingly to hook me up with a manual enigine mount for my auto? i dont feel like paying toyota more money for mount....damn bastards..

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Bill, good job on the mount, I installed it this past weekend. I already posted on the older thread. Not to reiterate everything, but it's viagra for the GTS. The cat-back robs you of some low end torque and this certainly adds it right back. :)

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Funny how after I mentioned in the first thread that I'd be real busy in the coming month, that's when I really start getting flooded with orders. Be patient guys, I'm getting to them as fast as I can!

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so any news when and who will be getting the next shipment?

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skreemin_trdgts said:
Funny how after I mentioned in the first thread that I'd be real busy in the coming month, that's when I really start getting flooded with orders. Be patient guys, I'm getting to them as fast as I can!
All it takes is someone to post up a good review. Word of mouth is great for business =)

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I am making them in batches of five, but you do not need to (and shouldn't) wait to get on the list. I am basically making them to order. Even if I only have one or two orders, I'll still make them without having to have the full five orders. That way peeps don't have to wait for others.

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HbPiAyA said:
BILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL i want my engine mount =) hehe plz pm me back with additional infos =P
PM'd you Haward.

Hungster, I'll do that, but he should know about these since he lives in my area.

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This mount works fine with killerm's torque brace. Quite a few peeps have both installed on their cars.
I know MicaCeli and GT-Schick both do and a few others I can't think of right now.
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