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FS: Mets tickets Game 6

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I am selling 2 tickets to game 6, Wed 10/18 at 4pm. The seats are in upper reserve, section 47 row U. I paid 170 for the tickets and would like that much or best offer. The only thing is that I don't have the tickets in hand, UPS left the package at my door and now it's missing. If you are interested you would have to pick up tickets at Stadium the day of the game, or I can meet you at the stadium before the game and make the swap there. If you are interested let me know. Thanks.
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these tickets are sold, are you looking to go to the game?
ah I asked my friend who was looking to sell his tix and his are gone too. Check stubhub a few hours before game time tomorrow, you may be able to get some for face by last minute sellers. The pickup location for the tix are at the Ramada which I believe is the one across the GCP from Shea. My friend did this for game 2 and got his for 60 + fees.
i see two seats in section 46 for 84 dollars now. with the fees it should come up to 95 each or something like that. It's not that bad.
on craigslist,
917-584-1188 - ask for Joey two tix in Mezz 31 D good seats, asking price is 200 for the pair.
866 434-8499 - ask for brian he has 8 tix, UR 37 row L and O asking price is 85 each.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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