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1. CF Carbon Fiber Invader style Hood with Sparco Racing Hood Pins
Looking for Trades or offers

2. Carbon Creations Carbon Fiber Front Fenders (Right and Left side)
these are a pretty rare piece and are in very good condition
there is a slight crack on the weakest point where the front bumper attached but other than that, very nicely made
both clear coats are mint without any sun fading, etc. etc.
they fit like OEM and save about a few pounds over OEM fenders and very few have these

retails $550 for the pair without shipping when purchased

for Trade plus cash and prefer Spectra Mica Blue Fenders

3. CF Carbon Fiber Rear Hatch Handle without Keyhole and CELICA on it
personally like the one without the keyhole for that clean look. Hatch fits like OEM and has four attaching points for safe, secured install
i’ve had a few CF Hatch Handles and this one ranks as one of the best I’ve had

4. CF Carbon Fiber Eyelids
Really good condition
taking offers

5. custom CF Carbon Fiber TRD Mid-Wing Blade in CF plus APR
i custom made this Wing from a Mid-Wing Blade for a TRD Wing. it was built by using APR off a wing and custom made. Its extremely light and highly functional

6. custom CF Carbon Canards
never liked the look of APR Canards as they look too big without a Wide-body kit, so custom made these Canards that will look good on any number of Kits out there or possibly on OEM
will include equipment to attach safely on any bumper

7. VVTL-i Emblem
one of the sickest Emblems for GTS owners. The letters are raised so it looks better than other Emblems
in mint condition

8. OEM/stock Tail lights with Redded out turn signals and Smoked reverse lights
Perfectly installed, zero bubbles and in mint condition
Need stock tails for Trade + offer

PM or eMail @ [email protected] with questions, concerns, etc. etc.
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