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FS: New & Used Stock & Aftermarket

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I need to clear out a bunch of stuff. All prices are OBO and do not include shipping from CA. Heres what I got:

Used Black Widow 2 rear bumper primered black, no damage - $100

New Black Widow 2 front bumper primered black, still wrapped in plastic - $120

Slightly damaged red veilside rep. rear bumper, just needs some bondo and sanding on the driverside bottom - $30

2 brand new carbon fiber hoods with no scoop, OEM style, Perfect Weave & fitment - $250 - 1 SOLD to Klutch, still have one left

Brand new carbon fiber headlight covers, these are the half ones not the TRD style ones. Perfect weave & fitment - $45 - SOLD to Klutch

Used Black front lip. Its the one I ran the GB on a bit ago. Has some scratches from me bottoming out but nothing that can't be fixed. Needs a new paint job also. Comes with the mounting hardware - SOLD to crazycurry

A pair of really screwed up APC clear bumper lens. I mean really screwed up, but they do the job - $3

Small 3" aluminum antenna. Screws right in place of the stock. Great reception too - SOLD to Kryptonite

Used upper strut mount plate. Its the plate that has the three bolts to mount your strut bars to. Only got one side - $15

5 Used stock struts, 2 front 3 rear. Still rides good. $20 ea.

Universal single & dual gauge pods. Not the pillar ones but the flat surface mounting ones, made of ABS plastic and holds 52mm - single $15 dual $20

Set of four stock GTS wheels & wrapped in brand new toyo proxes, the wheels have been painted black and need a new powdercoat - $450

Brand new aluminum radiator. Still in the box. Only fits Manuals - make an offer

Stock dash. It is the entire dash. It does not include the center console, instrument cluster, airbag, the two little plates to mount switches, it is just the dash - $50

Front camber kit made by EZCAMR? brand new still in box - $20

Brand new oil catch can made by TOP SPEED PRO TUNING. comes complete - $50

Brand new 52mm RPM gauge & Boost gauge. Made by MeganRacing. $40 ea

PM or post here if anyone is interested.
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pictures available upon request.
dibs on the camber kit. send pics to [email protected]
PM sent on the catch can!!!
I will have pics up by tonight... Manny the camber kits yours...
Oil Catch Can. The one for sale is the red one.
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got any pics of the CF head light covers?
pics of the kit? any other kits for sale?
interested in cf hood send pics of carbon fiber hood to [email protected]. Also what brand are they? I can do pick up
willing to take cf hood for 150. let me know if possible.. will pick up..walnut creek? or jsut walnut
can u also send me pix [email protected]. pix of cf hood please
pix of black widow 2 front bumper also please [email protected]
what the F does the oil catch can do?! i keep seeing these things

but i have no clue what they do...
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