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Im selling my NEW seibon carbon fiber trunk. "Brand new and flawless"!!! I decided to just keep my TRD wing and stock trunk.

I'm also selling "BRAND NEW" original third brake light ready from Toyota!

I also have Carbon fiber trunk lid BRAND NEW! With "CELICA" embossed lightly.

I also have Braille 11.5 pounds carbon fiber light weight battery. Used for just 1 month and unused for more than 4 months. You can just recharge it and it is good to go!

$400 - Seibon Carbon Fiber Trunk (Local pick-up only)
$150 - Third Brake Light shipped!
$80 - Carbon fiber trunk lid shipped!
$200 - Carbon fiber "Braille" light weight battery shipped!

Message me back or email me for faster response at [email protected]
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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