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Many of you may not know me, but my name is Chris. I am known as kingspyder on and I am a very well known member on the spyderchat forum. I post very frequently there and have been around for several years, but I have not been a regular poster here at newcelica so that is why many of you I'm sure don't know me. If you read around over there or inquire about me you can verify with all the upstanding members there, several of which who post here on newcelica.

The car is a 2002 liquid silver, @40,000 miles on the chassis and @20,000 miles since the engine was built. Has been daily driven and well cared for, with reliable power on demand. Those from spyderchat can vouch, this is one of the highest power MR-S's in the world, initially dyno'ed at 282 whp and 238 ft lbs of torque with room to still get a lot more out of it. The turbo is rated for 450 hp efficiently. If anyone is keeping up with Monkeywrench Racing's 385 hp MR-S, this car is quite capable of the same with more tuning (though it does great already with its low 2200 lb weight). For those interested in straight line numbers, car trapped 119 mph 1/4 mile on gtech, times low 12's with street radials, drag radials would put it into 11's easily. I will provide more details further below.

I'll explain real quick why I am tentatively putting it up for sale. I've been considering this ever since I found I was moving to Japan for 3 years because I can't bring the car with me and I still have payments on it. I love the car and had many future mods in store for it when I return from Japan, but have decided that it will be a better monetary decision if I can sell it before I leave and maybe get another MR-S when I return from Japan.

I am looking for $24,500 OR BEST OFFER WILL NEGOTIATE. I have roughly one month to sell the car (but as I said, if it doesn't sell it won't bother me), so if you're interested let me know as soon as you can. As I said above, the car was bought brand new by myself, 2002 for $24,500. The car has over $25,000 in modifications, I've lost count. So, essentially I'm selling this car for half of what was put into it.

If I don't sell the car, I don't mind keeping it since I will probably buy another when I return from Japan anyway.

I have done all the labor myself, so all the work was done right and I can answer any questions any buyers might have about the car.

Below is a fairly comprehensive modification list:

Internal Mods:
Crower Rods
Wiseco forged aluminum 8.8:1 pistons
Ported head (MWR "stage I")

External Mods:
kingspyder's custom turbo kit
Custom tubular, equal length forged steel manifold; ceramic coated
Tial 38mm wastegate
Garret T3/T04e 50 trim, .48 a/r stgIII wheel; HPC coated turbine housing
Power Enterprise air filter and intake
Custom PWR air/water barrel intercooler
Custom 2

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I think I saw this car at HIN. It was extremely clean.

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I bet he thinks he's real gayDM cuz he says MR-S instead of MR-2 Spyder.

For that reason alone I will not buy this car.
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