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Well ladies the time has come, I'm investing in an AFS veilside replica kit.

My uncle owns a chevy dealership, so I'm getting the kit professionally painted by their head bodyshop guy for 20 bucks (thats what he asked for, but I'm not gonna let the guy come out on his day off for 20 bucks. he'll at least get 100+paint$), but nobody here has ever did bodywork on a celica. Just the same, I'm not gonna be their first.

Therefore, I'm gonna install the kit myself. If any fitment issues come up, the same body guy said he can fiberglass on it a bit, but he won't go to extremes.

One minor problem, I've yet to see a install guide w/ tons of pics. If anyone here knows of one, or would even be willing to make one... it would be a great addition to this site, as well as the community. I wouldn't second think Larry hosting it, I'm sure he would. So someone pls lemme know, does it exist?

[edit]: 00CelicaRuss you're the very one I figured might have something like this, or might make something. The how-to section that you have on ur site kicks ass.
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