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Yes, I might be selling my AE92 soon. Let me tell you some about the car.

I bought this car sometime in December from a co-worker. Engine was very well taken care of and drove like a dream. Here are the goods and bads of the car. I'll be very honest with you on it.

- Clean title
- Drives very well for a 19 year old car.
- Handles very well in any condition.
- Perfect beater car to get from point A to point B.
- Interior in good shape
- Previous 2 owners took VERY good care of the engine

- 190,000 miles (speedo says 188,000+, but for some reason, it's off by about 2k miles)
- Sunroof doesn't work.
- Was involved in some sort of incident to where the passenger fender was tended up.
- Some rust and oxidation on paint.
- New headlight replacement is dark grey instead of white.
- No deck and speakers are shot.
- Trunk leaks water when it rains.
- Has some dents and scratches.
- Engine mounts may need replacing (Front was replaced recently)

That's pretty much it, I'll take some pics today and update this post.

Shoot me some offers. I currently have an offer for $1,000 from my other co-worker.
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