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Selling these items since I sold my Celica GT. Everything is new except for the lexus lens. Make an offer. Shipping should be $5 to $30 depending on the item..

Beck/Arnley Valve cover gasket with grommets (GT/Made in Japan) $20
OEM intake manifold gasket GT $6
OEM idle air control gasket (GT/GTS) $3
OEM toyota alternator brushes (GT/GTS) $20
OEM thermostat $19
OEM thermostat gasket $5
Koyo Radiator. has cooling inlet/outlet for auto transmission $100
GMB waterpump with O ring gasket. has metal impeller and made in japan $35
Lexus OEM yellow fog lens (good condition) $40

OEM Coolant hose set for GT $80 (keeping together)
upper radiator hose
lower radiator hose
overflow hose inlet (radiator to coolant tank)
overflow hose outlet (coolant tank to metal pipe)
inlet hose (coolant tank to bypass pipe)
bypass hose
outlet hose upper
outlet hose lower

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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