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i posted about this a while ago but nobody seemed to give a crap.

I know where you can order them in houston and can get ahold of a set.
I can get ahold of C-one stuff, but its VERY VERY hard to get...takes a long time but its VERY worth it...extremely high quality stuff.

the gears arent just good for autocross.

youll stay in lift on every shift. you guys who powershift THINK youre staying in lift, but imaginei f you shifted the same way WITH the gears.
the problem is even if you land in lift, you are still almost out of your powerband and not landing close enough tot he peak power from 1-2 hence why you always lose ground there.

my celica races always consisted of a win in 3rd...but if we only did up to 2nd gear id always lose.

these gears would fix that and probably shave about 1/2 a second off.

put the ratios into grand turismo or something to get an idea of what its like :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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