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Hi there I have a gen 7 celica on a 52 plate (uk) I bought the car no realising the engine was pooped, the piston rings had gone. But about 60 miles before having the engine replaced it started to idle really rough and very low (when warm), I just thought it was a one off and kind of ignored it at the time, then about 10 miles later the engine management light came on, whilst I was driving but I assumed that it was something to do with the worn out engine, and thought I would limp along as I was having the engine replaced and thought it would fix the problem.

I had the engine replaced but the problem was still there, and by this time i had noticed that when the engine was cold it was also surging and revving too high, about the 2500 rpm, then once it was warm it was idling at 500 and below but not actually stalling. I have done the following to the car to try and fix the problem:

Replaced the coils
replaced the spark plugs
replaced the fuel injectors
replaced the maf air flow system
replaced the throttle body
replaced the tps
replaced the ocv valve
cleaned all the other sensors
checked and cleaned the air filter
checked the fuel pressure
had the lamda sensor checked
replaced the ecu unit
checked for a vacuum leak with carb cleaner around the inlet manifold
Had a compression test
had the head gasket checked
Diagnostics plug in, countless times

I am now out of ideas and money, all the diagnostics keep coming back with is misfire on cylinders 1 and 3, and you can hear it sucking in air around the inlet manifold/throttle body area, and popping slightly out the exhaust.

It still starts and drives ok at higher speeds, but very jerky and makes a very uncomfortable drive at lower speeds. I can't tell if the power is reduced or not as I'm not sure how powerful it should feel. It uses more fuel than it should I think as I had a gen 6 celica 2.0 16v, which was only doing 24mpg and these gen 7 are suppossed to be better but I think the fuel consumption is worse and quite erratic.However I am not sure whether this is because I am revving it more to stop it stalling or it is just using more. When driving at higher speeds the revvs are where they should be on the clock.

I feel the car is getting worse as it has started to stall when I have to stop in traffic etc. I have an inlet gasket that I was going to replace but I'm not sure that this is the problem. Please can anyone give me any ideas or experienced anything like this before? I don't have anymore money to spend on trying to find out the problem as the mechanics it has been to are all out of ideas..... Thank you in advance

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I have experience this before but honestly I don't know what is the the exact source of the problem. All I know is that it was gone after I replace a bad Catalytic Converter, Fuel pump with filter and fuel injectors. Since the car is started to get worst it sound like a fuel pump/filter problem, but I will also check the Cat because a clogged Cat can cause misfire codes.
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