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Gen Y’s Favorite Cars Are Foreign
A new study of Gen Y drivers’ preferences looks like more bad news for the Detroit automakers.

Scion, a brand set up by Toyota Motor specifically aimed at young buyers, was No. 1. Mitsubishi, a name that barely registers with older shoppers, came in second.

Some other brands among the top 10, such as Honda and Volkswagen, have a long record of youth appeal. But even the Korean corporate twins Hyundai and Kia, which have recorded surging sales in recent years, appear to have extended their appeal to young buyers as well as older ones.

Not surprisingly, seven of the top 10 models preferred by young buyers have a list price of under $20,000. The top three models — the Scion tC, Mitsubishi Lancer and Honda Civic Si — offer a wide choice of features for personal customization.

The only U.S. model on the top 10 list of individual models is the Ford Focus coupe, which offers the SYNC system — Ford’s pioneering voice-command system, which controls mobile phones and to play music and is particularly popular with young buyers.

Other tech features that attract young buyers include the Lancer’s navigation system, with its own music server, and a Honda Civic Si system that lets the driver customize an on-screen display with options like current mileage.

Here is a closer look at TrueCar’s top brands and models:

Top Brands for Gen Y Buyers
(Ranked by percentage of buyers in Gen Y)
1. Scion — 21.2%
2. Mitsubishi — 20.3%
3. Mazda — 10.7%
4. Nissan — 9.8%
5. Volkswagen — 9.6%
6. Kia — 9.1%
7. Hyundai — 8.6%
8. Honda — 8.0%
9. Toyota — 7.6%
10. Subaru — 7.3%

Top Models for Generation Y Buyers
(Shown with MSRP)
1. Scion tC — $18,995
2. Mitsubishi Lancer — $20,670
3. Honda Civic Si – $22,975
4. Toyota Yaris Sedan — $13,915
5. Ford Focus Coupe — $17,365
6. Scion xD — $15,830
7. Volkswagen GLI — $25,365
8. Subaru Impreza – $19,220
9. Kia Forte — $15,690
10. Toyota Corolla — $16,660

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TC's are everywhere... tired of seeing them. Walked out of gun range yesterday to find 3 TC's parked next to my car, two of which were black with blacked out tail lights :laugh:

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TC's are everywhere... tired of seeing them.
Same deal where I live. I see one every morning because my neighbor has one. It's the new "Civic" as far as I'm concerned. I mostly see riced out tC's driven by clueless idiots. Very rarely will I see a tastefully modified tC and say "That looks nice". To make matters worse, Scion forums, IMO, well, I won't say it because I have nothing nice to say. I can't tolerate them.

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I kind of like tCs, but yeah, I see them EVERYWHERE, mostly driven by girls. I've seen a couple of "nice" ones at my school's parking lot; I have this odd fixation where whenever I see a nice car parked I always walk by to see if it's manual or auto. I don't think I've seen a single manual tC to this day, even the modded ones.
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