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Getmadboy's "back to stock" sale

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Before you even read anything else...


I will PM you after you submit a post in the THREAD. This way, my PM box doesn't get filled up too quickly and I can keep track of who posted interest first for what part.

Pictures are in my second post. The pictures are labeled by item number.

It's official boys and girls, I'm taking my car back to stock. There's been some changes in my life and long story short, I could use the cash. For now, all the parts are local pickup only, but will consider shipping some of the smaller things if the buyer pays for shipping. Also, a lot of the parts are still on the car and I'll be uninstalling a bunch of things this weekend so please bear with me as I don't have as much time to work on the car as I used to. So with that said, here's a list of what I have for sale and a list of the stock parts I'll be needing to buy/trade for.

NOTE: I cannot sell a part I do not have a stock replacement for and will only accept a 1d0 silver stock part.

Stock parts I need:

Stock rear bumper
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6a and 6b)






No Picture, but in great condition.


No Picture, in great condition.


Fronts are still on the car, rears are pictured on the floor.


18, 19, and 20)


No Picture, but here's what it looks like online:'s/Pioneer/2007/cdib100ii_detailpage.jpg



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Pictures are clickable btw... :D
the day has come...

good luck chris :rice:
Ill Take Number (8) And Would You Be Willing To Just Sell Me The Cf End Caps From The Trd Wing(2) Dibs
bump for a cool kat!
I will take number 13..
Ported header.
any gains compared to stock also is it for a GTS

Brembo slotted/drilled front
any wear on the rotors
Lots of tempting stuff...
You should give in to the temptation...:D

the day has come...

good luck chris :rice:
Thanks dood! :thumbup:

Ill Take Number (8) And Would You Be Willing To Just Sell Me The Cf End Caps From The Trd Wing(2) Dibs
Cool, #8 is yours. When I bought the TRD wing, they were already installed onto it. I dont know if I could remove them. I think they're attached via 3m tape, but not sure and I don't wanna ruin them. I'll take a look tomorrow and see if I can. I'll PM you so we can work out a price for them if I can get them off.

bump for a cool kat!
Thanks bruddah!! :wiggle:

I will take number 13..
TRD exhaust it is. I'll PM you details on when you can come pick up.

any gains compared to stock also is it for a GTS

any wear on the rotors
I wouldn't be able to say what the gains are for certain (I never dyno'd), but they should be similar to Boosted's ported header. Definitely felt it on the butt dyno and it sounds SICK! It is for the GTS. As for rotors, I did use the front ones for a while and never really got around to installing the rears. There's normal wear, but they aren't warped or anything. I'm sure if you got them cut/resurfaced, they'd be good as new. :gap:
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Forgot to add something...

25) JDM side markers. NOT authentic. These replicas look sick and fit perfectly. They're not cracked or anything, just a bit dirty. There's also some left over wax around the numbers on the sidemarkers that I forgot to buff out...oops. :gap: $30.

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My car is a GTS btw, just in case you guys didn't know...
How much for the sidemarkers shipped to 95624.?
if ur willing to ship i'll take 15 and 16.
I got 50 shipped to 95758 for number 18, maybe 25. Is there any hookup if i buy both. Give me a pm :wiggle:.
Yep the TRD CF Side caps are just held on with 3M tape, they shouldnt be to hard to get off.
Hi, I'm very interested in your TRD Spoiler! PM me BACK!
if Aznboi812 doesn't take #15 ill take it! let me know! zip 05455 thnx
Get at me for 10 & 25. Thanks
if your looking for a stock spoiler pm me 1do is what i have.
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