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Going to the bay area for the game. Any good resturants?

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I know most of you guys couldn't care less about sports let alone the 49ers so I'm not going to asked you where I can get good Niner gears and products up there. I am going up to SF for the Niners vs Bills in a couple of weeks and most likely will have all Saturday to hang out around the bay area. What is a good popular spot to hang out and eat in the bay area? This will be my first time up there so obviously the Golden Gate bridge will be a great photo ops for my cheap point and shoot camera but just hook me up with some nice restaurants that me and my friends (bills buddies :puke:) can hang out. It will be a great year to be in the bay area if you a sports fan. Your Giants probably going to clitch the penant and maybe go for another world series title, the 49ers considered the best team in the NFL right now. And it is well known how much I hate the Raiders and for them to considered the worst team in the NFL is icing on the cake for me. Any of you guys want to meet up or chill just pmed me your number.

Go Niners! :headbang:
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any good places where we can check out cute san fran chicks?
eat at the north beach district.
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