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Phil C said:
Goes a long way to show the variations between cars and dynos (and dyno shops), and the temperature and humidity when the dyno was run.

It also highlights the need for more information...My car, which is stock except for a K&N panel filter, for instance put down 158.7 on a Dynojet 248 at an indoor facility where temperature was 62.8 degrees, barametric pressure was 28.8 and vapor pressure was .12. The correction factor used was 1.01 SAE. Given ALL of that information there is some chance of comparing a car in Houston or Miami with one in Cleveland or San Francisco. I'm pretty sure I couldn't make the comparison but without all the information it's pretty just a number being thrown out. Correction factors can vary wildly for instance which will throw results fairly dramatically one way or the other. For the most part dyno runs do a good job of pointing out the gains a new part provides, as long as the dyno is done same day, but IMO do little to provide a good comparison between cars.

I'm not saying that the number isn't impressive, backed up by the times at the track it sounds like it could well be a freak car with an extra kick compared to the average, just that the pure number comparison may not be too useful. By those comparisons my stock car is only 4 or 5 HP lower than many of you who have CAIs and exhausts.

Side note, my dyno never saw A/F under 14.0, which I, and the dyno operator, feel shows a slight lean condition. Is a 12.X more typical for what people see? Hardly anyone gives their A\F ratio when posting dyno numbers so I don't know what a typical 2ZZ sees.
I wonder if you might not have a lil oil coating your MAF wires if your running lean like that. May want to check your grams per second reading versus a known good celica (un modified / low miles) at some set points with similar laod (ac off etc) and see what you get.
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