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Got my new turbo.....finally

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Well after much searching and decision making...i ended up going with the GT35R duel ball bearing...look how much bigger than the super 60 it is...SWEET!!!!

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hey smaay I don't have a cel but I have a corolla that had a 1.8 in her but now I have it rebuilt or the works in it . I have the big bore kit and sp rods and crank in mine and port and polished. The head has bigger valves with 3 angle grind on them and stronger springs. But the problem is all I can get out of it is 6900 rpm's out of it. How can I get 8k rpms? my ecu has been tweeked by some friends at the dealer here in town.
right now my valve train is sweet. I have already done all that. I think that the ecu is holding me back. I am trying to find a turbo manifold to finish my kit since I dont think I will get the rest of my sf kit. I know the 2000 gt has the same 1.8 as mine but if you put the same mods on it it will produce more it the ecu and how every thing is maped cpmpared to mine? hell I have 9k in my engine alone. I just want all the hp I can get.
1 - 2 of 46 Posts
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