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Got my new turbo.....finally

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Well after much searching and decision making...i ended up going with the GT35R duel ball bearing...look how much bigger than the super 60 it is...SWEET!!!!

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This turbo is huge! I guess even for your 2l conversion and even at higher revs the GT30R should do.

But I'm absolutely excited to see the results. That Turbo is awesome...just too big. ;)
HAd 260hp today on a nice MAHA Dyno. Very satisfied with my GT-T.
I will. :) And write my own posting (don't want to steal smaays thread, I was just too happy).

But not today. The curve at 0.9 Bar is pretty straight and looks very good. But you'll see. Oh...and I got torque...287NM at 4800rpm.
Hehe, thx buddy! :)

Not comparable to your goals though. But enough for me.
1 - 4 of 46 Posts
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