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I've searched through the forums a bit, but I haven't found a list of details for a GS setup GT-S. The moneys burning a hole in my pocket but I don't want to pull the trigger until I get some input on this.
I'm already an autocrosser in ES with my MR2 Spyder, but I'm going to buy a Celica gt-s to complete with also cause I need a daily driver with a backseat.
So I am aware of the basic street rules from SCCA (struts, crash bolts, sway bar, cat back, alignment) but what isn't clear is:
A. Are two sway bars (front and rear) allowed through an exemption? And the Hotchkiss are DEFINITELY the way to go?
B. What's the deal with the different years of GT-S and redline/VVTi-L engagement? Pros/cons? (Basically what year should I buy and why)

And I've read about the torque/gearing of the GT vs. GT-S but I plan to use the drive train later for a 2ZZ swap into my MRS, so it's not necessary to steer me in the GT direction. I saw that the competitive Celicas at nationals were all GTSs and today the SCCA announced class changes and it looks like the GT is going to HS... Could be a sleeper.
Thanks for your input. I'm looking forward to keeping Toyota alive on the local level!
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