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GT RIMS FS Locally

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I have some stock GT rims for sale. Two tires which i brought for like $75 each are like brand new and used for less than a month because i just brought some 18's. The other two tires have like about 40% of tread left. Two of the rims are in excellent condition. one of the other two rims has like lots of curb damage, and the other has like a long gash on one ofthe spokes and thats has some depth to it...doesnt affect anything, and they run like they have always...... Not sure what to ask for so, post or PM me offers if you interested..
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i'll give you 100 bucks for 2 and i'll come pick it up. I am going to put drag radial on these and use it for drag race purpose. Let me know. Lates
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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