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gt-s auto keyless entry

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hey guys did u ever take apart the remote for the keyless entry? i noticed a third button right underneath the unlock button what is that third button for?? anyone know??
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the 3rd button is for aux output like trunk release in camry or rear windows in SUV's or power side door in vans...
i tried to feagure out which wire in the RS3200 brain is the output for that aux chanel... however i could not find it... i don't know if i need to get extra module that assocites with RS3200...
if anyone know? any diagram of wires on RS3200?
hey, if you read the little book that came with it, it is for remote starting of the car. the dealer hooked mine up and told me he wasnt hooking it up, instead it just turns on the drl's.

btw, i have the boomerang shaped one.
ugly pate...
which alarm is your boomarang shape?...
one i have is VIP RS3200 factory alarm...
dunno exactly which one it is. it says TDS on the front of it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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