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gt-s hit 15.8 in 1/4 mile. everybody?

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hey , i was playing with the program that i download off the net. it let you test all the car's 1/4 mile. it is pretty accurate i believe because the stock gt-s hit 15.2 in 1/4 miles. what do you guys think? thanks.

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That's about right for a 6-speed GTS. A good driver could do a little better in some cool weather. Add another 1.5 to 2.0 seconds for the auto-GTS.

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i believe that auto gt-s is only .6 second slower because i did alot of test on the software. i even put in 2700 lbs for the auto and it still hit 16.1 sec in 1/4 mile. i know my gt-s is not that heavy. anyway, i am seeking for those auto who could hit 15.9 or 15.8 with stock auto gt-s. you guy might think if the software is accurate or not. if ya want ya could get it off . i think it is pretty accurate because my car start at 5 or a little bit under when it shift to second gear.

2000 auto gt-s
k&n air filter
butterfly removal
Ractive MT603 sound muffler
i dont think a auto gts would hit 15's ... just with "regular" mods.
the program might be accurate with the manual GTS but with the auto, its not even close, it cant do the math of the VVTLi switch over with the shift point and all that other important stuff.
that program works assuming you have gearing that keeps you in your powerband.

so it's close enough for the 6-speed GTS.

not even close for the auto.

stock auto gts runs high 16s, low 17s.

it can trap low-mid 80s which is good enough for a low 16 maybe high 15 time, so you can see it's horsepower potential, but that program doesn't have any math for the fact that

1) there is no low end torque

2) the gears are extremely tall, so first takes a while to redline

case in point, my best 1/8 mile time for my auto GTS is 11.026 or something like that. with a 60' of 2.67. there's just not enough power to fill that tall first gear to make it pull harder off the line (short of spraying NOS).

but it ran a 16.8 @ 84. if you used that trick to multiply your 1/8 time by 1.56 to get your 1/4, most normal cars are within .1 to .3 of that. the auto GTS is off by .4 or higher.

it all basically boils down to there's a huge discrepancy in the low end and top end of the auto GTS added to the fact that it alternates between the two. you redline a gear, then you're stuck out of the powerband for the duration of an extra gear in the 6-speed, then you get back in and redline, and then again you're stuck out of the powerband. it pulls about as hard as an Si (maybe a bit harder on a cold cold night) in VVTL-i, you just don't have the gearing to keep it up there like an Si.

anyhow, i plan on going again to the track later this fall/winter when it's cooler out (like 40-50 F), i have Injen CAI. i'll remove my back seats/spare, play with tire pressure, and try to squeeze the best possible time i can out of it. i'll keep you all updated. in the meantime, this week i'm gonna head out to a highway service road stretch with my GTech and get some times to see where it would be at. previously, i ran 16.6 to 17.2 there and i ended up running 16.8 and 17.0 in real life in the same weather at the track so it's pretty accurate. it called trap speeds of 85, and i ran 84.144.

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Originally posted by kna62181:
i believe that auto gt-s is only .6 second slower because i did alot of test on the software.
Sorry to break it to you, but the difference really is between 1.5 and 2 seconds in the quartermile. Zooq (on the board) went to the track with Mark'sGTS (before Zooq put his NOS on). Mark was 2 full seconds faster than Zooq was. At 3200 feet of altitude, Mark ran a 15.2 while Zooq never made it out of the 17s. Numerous other times have reported the same thing.
I wonder/doubt that program takes the drivetrain losses into account, considering every car is diffent. You get ~160WHP in the 6spd vs. ~145WHP in the auto.
That's too bad for all the Auto GT-s' out there...they still drive a kick azz car though just because it's a cell..<IMG SRC="" border=0>

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thanks for all the respond guys.. but i gonna test it myself one day.

2000 auto gt-s
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That's the best (and most fun) way to find out.
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100 viewers without a respond. common guys.
if the program your talking about is called cartest, it is pretty accurate. it lets you enter in gear ratios, drag coefficient, even wheel weight. You can also play with the temperature, wind, and road grade. It even lets you shift manually to find the optimum shift point. The only thing the program cannot factor in is the vvtl-i. However you could try to simulate this by setting the car as turbo, and then setting the boast to kick in at 6k.

edit: and yes you can enter in mechanical losses in transmission, drivetrain, axles&shafts, etc.
kna62181 said:
100 viewers without a respond. common guys.

Mis-leading topic...... everyone thinks you are posting an actual 1/4 mile run and that you want advice on how to get faster. i've never heard of the proggie you are using
go to then click on mutimedia or something like that then click on software , it should be there it is a tight software. it is very accurate on celica gts stick.
Brake Torquing

So how high in the rpm band are you auto-GTS owners brake torquing? Or are you just flooring the car from a dead stop?

Also, let's not forget you have the option of manualling shifting the automatic. That should be good for a .2-.4 shaving off of the 1/4 mile time.
well the brake torquing only stall to 2 rpm. well yea i use my tiptronic. it work pretty well. i redline it then it will kick back to 5 rpm. i have injen cai so it might add little power. i don't know how much though.
anyway, what exhuast should i get with the cai? i heard trd and injen is a good combo.
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