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Hey guys I'm looking for some advice. I'm in the process of building up my suspension. But I could use some advice. I should also say this is my DD. I want to tighten suspension without making it super uncomfortable. More of a weekly comuter/weekend warrior type thing. I also want to keep this on a lower budget.

So far for the build I have planned
-front/rear sway bar
-new shock/struts
-rear strut bar (have front)
-possibly front and rear tie bars (does anyone have these? Do they make a difference?
-new wheels and tires (will get wider wheels and sticky tires)

Okay so besides that it's essentially finding what brand. Any experience from a company with any of those listed mods?

For sway bars I was looking at eibach. For shocks and struts i was looking at kyb gr2s with tein springs (1.4in) for now. Im not going the coilover route. Anyways with the kybs I know the agx are better but i don't want the 2inch drop at this time being I live in MN snow is a battle. Also the price. I've read that the gr2s are exact replicas of OEM. Does anyone know this to be true? Also I've heard
Mixed reviews on the kybs handling the 1.4inch drop. Some say it's lasted fine others say they've blown

For other parts I honestly have no idea what brand. I just wanted some Input before I waste time searching for a shotty product.

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