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I have Megan Racing adjustable coil overs front and back and that made a difference by itself. Then I kept adding more. I've also replaced front and rear sway bars with the Eibach sway bars, and right now my front are still on the "soft" setting (two holes, two different setups). Replaced all sway bar links with Moog links that I can add more grease to if I need to and are beefier than stock. I have a Megan Racing front strut bar.

Don't get those cheap flat strut bars. As soon as you get your hands on one and try to bend it, you will see they are crap. Not sure why people keep buying them when they flex just as much as your car does. The Megan Racing one is solid round bar that didn't feel like it was going anywhere when I tried to bend it. Andy's motor sports did a video on this and until I actually bought one, didn't realize what he meant.

And lastly I have a TRD rear strut bar. The car feels amazing. Even when I put the car up on just 2 jacks the car feels solid. Without any of that, the door used to feel a little off when lifted by just two jacks, now the doors seems as if the car was on the ground even when lifted. So the strut bars make a huge different in rigidity.

I would highly recommend an LSD as well, no point of getting all that and then still only having full power just to one wheel when taking a corner. I don't think after I've done all that, especially with the LSD, I've ever felt like my car was out of control even taking a 35-45MPH off ramp exit on a highway at almost 60MPH. Even with "Prius tires".
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