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Gt Turbo Kit For Sale!!!

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T3 Tubuar manifold

Garrett T3 Ball Bearing Turbo

Greddy Blow off valve

External Waste-gate with adapter

2.5" down pipe with O2 bung

11" / 25" / 3" PWR intercooler

255 LPH Walbro fuel pump

Oil lines and fittings

HKS cold spark plugs

2" piping

This is a custom turbo kit that belongs to my best friend; it never went on the GT because it threw a rod, so the kit has never been used except for the intercooler that was on my eclipse. the piping is not cut-to-fit so your basicaly getting a big box of 2" piping, u-bends, etc... and a 2 silicone adapters 2", 2.5-3". So let me know of any questions, and ill post pics of everything soon...

$2000 OBO
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Pics? Is this custom in the sense that you bought all of the parts off of ebay? Just wondering.... either way... I'm still interested... Post some pics please...
bump for price...wish i had the money!
turbo kit

ok , call me at 239 297 4571 if you want'it you can have it for 1700 let me nknow peace. ask for derek or roberto
so its only missing ecu correct?
yeah, whats in the pic is what you get plus some couplings, and the piping which is not cut-to-fit...
it's a nice kit to get started for a nice price, i dont need it anymore
its not really a kit if the piping is not cut to fit the celica, more like a box of turbo goodies
the piping you see there is the dump tube , and the donw pipe that is fited for the application the turbo manifold and the down pipe fits perfecly
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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