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hey i posted a little while back about a celi gt vs a 2006 eclipse 4 pot. we had several races, 2 from a dig and 3 from a roll (30-100)

both were practically the same. the celica's first gear is short, so I had the jump, but the eclipse was "catching up" closer to red line. through 1st and second the eclipse was on my rear three quarter, right about even with the gas cover. At the celi's 3rd gear torque band, I made a big pull. he fell back past the rear bumper. he shut off after that and we reached our determined speed limit shortly after in fourth.

started at 30 (2nd torque band for celi gt). once again, i got a small jump. however the gap was not as large. he was middle of my door, then the third gear torque band nudged me forward abit again. he gained some ground, but nothing dramatic. his extra power did good there.

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