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The other day i was on my way back to school on a BEAUTIFUL day! So naturally i had my windows down, the music up and taking the long route to get back. As i am driving i see this white Integra weaving in and out of traffic behind me. He finally gets ahead of the traffic behind me and is slowly gaining on me. Just my luck the traffic light turns red. So as i am slowing down the guy (with his woman in the passenger seat), goes by me pretty fast reving his engine. He had his windows down and tried yelling something at me as he passed. He had his wife beater on and looked like a big...well...stroke bag for the lack of a better term.
the guy had an exhaust on, body kit, some other cosmetic stuff done to the outside....didn't look all that good IMO.
Anyways. The light turns green shortly after we stop at it, but enough time to get ready. I accelerated at about 75% and the guy started spinning his tires making all sorts of noise. Once i knew my tires were gripped i floored it and left him behind like nothin. Walked away. the guy wouldn't look at me once we came to the next interesection and he was turning left and i was turning right.

So thats my story and i'm stickin to it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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