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Hey guys,

I just found a local wholesaler here in Los Angeles that can get me replica brand name cloth for a decent price. I can get Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Burberry, Coach, and Christian Dior cloth in various colors.

Now you may be thinking, "What do i want this cloth for, I'm not going to sew myself a purse or anything?" Well that's true, I don't expect you to. But cloth in bulk can be good for NUMEROUS things. It can be used for upholstery in your car, boat, RV, home, whatever. You can have LV headrests, or Gucci pillow cases, or a Burberry shower curtain. You can make scarfs, bandana's, accessories for a pet or loved one, basically, ANYTHING you can think of with cloth.

If your really clever, you can come up with an idea everyone will love and make money out of it. I know a guy that sells Barrel Condoms for paintball guns. He buys this cloth in bulk, makes the condoms from all the different brands, and sells them online. He's making a nice amount of money on the side. Now, if your smart like him, you can also do plenty with the cloth, possibly start a little something on the side for some side cash, maybe gas money :) His profit numbers are something like, each condom after materials ends up costing him $1.50 and he's selling them for $13 online. Excellent mark up, good product, and its selling like crazy.

So now for the pricing:

All cloth is going to be sold by the yard. This yard is 36 inches by 58 inches, so its not a square yard, its a HUGE yard, almost 3x5. All cloth is $55 per yard. Yes, i am making money out of this (if i get orders that is), but im only making $5 per yard. Im getting this for $50 a yard, and figure if i get a few people to start buying some, i can make a little money on the side.


If you ARE interested in any brand any color, Email me at [email protected], or pm me. I can provide pics of the color's of fabric as well as the designs. Most of them are the signature line, such as the LV has the LV's all over it, Gucci has the small G's, Coach has the C's, Fendi has the F's, Burberry is the usual plaid, we've all seen these im sure on purses and Chuck Taylor Converse these days.

Colors are as follows:

Gucci - Black, White, Pink, Purple, Gold, Yellow, Navy Blue, Dard Red, Grey, Tan Baby Blue, Orange, Aqua Green, Pink w/Black G's, and Light Red w/Gold G's

Louis Vuitton - Traditional LV Brown/Tan, Black, Black and White, Tan, Red, Chocolate, White w/Grey LV's, Navy Blue, Olive Green, Im gonna stop there, there are too many to list. If interested, I will email you with all available Colors. Also available in Mini LV's

Coach - Black, Grey, Baby Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Tan, White, So far everything in Large C's

Fendi - Baby Blue, Black, Tan, Pink, White w/Pink F's

If you want LV in Leather, Vinyl, or Suede, those are available, but are a bit more in price (roughly around the $95 per yard range). Gucci is also available in Vinyl (In case you wanna redo your car's interior). You could also Leather Wrap a shift knob in LV or Gucci, or do your dash, or whatever your mind desires, BE CREATIVE!!

If interested in any of the stuff i have to offer here, please post up, pm, or email at [email protected].

All Fabric is replica, use of names is for comparison only.

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