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hawaii peeps...wheel question...

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is anyone running 18's on their celica? i just want to know if it grabs the attention of local cops since it's a lot bigger...
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yeah...i wanted 17" but i guess i'll see how it looks on my car first.
well...i'm gonna try putting them on today as a test run so i'll post some pictures and see what u guys think...
k...this is before..(duh)

and this is after...(duh again)

close up...

18" gram lights 57pros gunmetal with polished lip

:thumbup: or :thumbdown ?
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and no...i can't lower it since they're non adjustable springs...but i am planning on getting the c-one coilovers sometime soon. just need to get shipping info and prices before making the decision.
WhiteCeli65 said:
imo not my taste. If the spokes were black i think it would look awesome, but that's just because i like the black w/ polished lip look.
black on white actually isn't my taste :) i like to be able to see my spokes i guess. i actually wanted just silver, and i got these used so i basically had no choice in color or size. but i can say this much...i like these WAAAAY more than my stock ones.
skamikaze said:
looks good! :thumbup: they look great on the celica. i remember when bonnie had them. hard to tell from the first pic, it's a little far away, and the 2nd pic is too close, but for the most part it looks pretty good. how did they ride?
it seems to be a lot smoother over bumps...not really sure why. can't say if they turn better since i don't normally make fast turns. and i can't really tell if they dropped my performance. :) as far as weight goes, it feels just as heavy if not a little bit heavier than the stock 16's never actually weighed them though. so far...i like it!
RUSH said:
I like'em too. I think those were the ones on FH I was staring at for a while.
was it from a scion person? cuz my friend said he didn't post it yet so he didn't have any offers which is why i got to pick them up.
nope...not him. mine are 18x7.5's although those online seem to be awfully cheap for some reason...
RUSH said:
wait you paid more? thats gotta suck. you gotta start check fh once in awhile
well i paid more than what that guy was selling it for...but those that he's selling is the wrong offset and bolt pattern anyways. i also know how much my friend bought it for and it was a lot less. i also got the rays center caps...dunno how much those are though

KARacing said:
Will you be interested in TRD or C-One 17" wheels?

you know...i would have been interested in the c-one wheels...but i got these instead
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