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hawaii peeps...wheel question...

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is anyone running 18's on their celica? i just want to know if it grabs the attention of local cops since it's a lot bigger...
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Noel te37 are frikken sweet. I really wanted a black set myself.

everytime someone says 18s they're concern is about performance draw back, but derrik is a step ahead when it come to hp so it won't really affect it against other gts ;).

to the ppl who had 18s on there celica that complain about a drop in there perfomance. were those 18s performance wheels ( ie gramlights ) ?

So Slopoke what kind rims you getting anyway? btw I roll on 17s.
I like'em too. I think those were the ones on FH I was staring at for a while.
wait you paid more? thats gotta suck. you gotta start check fh once in awhile
slopokegts said:
i also got the rays center caps...dunno how much those are though
around 125-200.
1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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